A classic 1965 VW Campervan might be a little out of most peoples’ price range, but a VW Campervan tent definitely isn’t. Based on the iconic 1965 VW Campervan, this product is a new tent style icon. Officially licensed by Volkswagen, life size and in a range of colours, this VW Camper van tent can sleep up to four people in two separate compartments which provide added privacy. Apart from the odd guy rope, you wouldn’t notice the difference between the VW tent and the real deal. In fact, it could be said you are getting something better as this VW Campervan tent will be quieter, cheaper and less likely to break on you than the real thing.

The tent includes those well known features, such as moon like headlights and the classic VW badge.  The choice of red, blue, yellow or Peppermint Green allows you to really individualise your VW Camper van tent with a colour to suit your personality.

The VW tent comes with all the usual extras (tent outer, tent inner, ropes, pegs, poles, fly sheets), but also includes unique details such as doors which open like an original VW Campervan. This VW tent allows you have the statement without the downside of  your taller camping companions injuring themselves every time they go to leave.

Yet functional:

On a practical level the VW Campervan tent has a 300cm x 100cm groundsheet which is sewn into the inside of the tent. Avoiding the time consuming process of inserting a separate groundsheet and securing it will ensure that you start enjoying your holiday sooner, and it will avoid the dreaded cascade of water onto your sleeping bag after a night of heavy rain. You won’t be disappointed with the protection this VW tent offers as its waterproof rating is greater than that of tents used by the British military.

This VW Campervan tent will stand up to those soggy weekends away. Also included are straightforward assembly instructions which are a doddle compared to assembling a VW engine. Erecting this VW Campervan tent is quick and simple with stand alone poles connected with bungee cords. These poles have easy connectors allowing you to construct your VW tent with the least amount of hassle.

Size and space:

Despite being a full scale copy, with enough room for the average adult to stand upright, this VW Camper van tent packs up into a conveniently sized bundle of 85cm (L) x 35cm (H) x 35cm (D) and weighs in at 12.5kg. It’s small enough to fit easily into your boot, plus it’s definitely light enough for you to still face putting it up after a trek across a field to a festival.

The two compartments inside the VW tent are separated by fly sheets with zips allowing the occupants to remain divided during the night, but then they give you the option of opening these during the day. Double compartments provide you with the space to get that perfect night’s sleep, and they give you room for luggage and the essentials you will need on your camping trip. The makers have used the shape and size of a VW Campervan to produce more space than you might expect in the average tent. This means that the VW tent can be used for more than just sleeping; in our often unreliable UK weather it can be used to dress in, socialise in and more. In addition, the tent comes with useful storage pockets on the inside of the compartments perfectly placed for those little things that end up lost in a foreign field.

Overall, the VW Campervan tent comes with all the features of your traditional four man tent, but it includes some ingenious added extras. Your VW tent will make your next camping experience a memorable and positive one in which you will be the envy of your respective field.