VW Campervan tent review

We let a reviewer loose on the VW tent, this is what they thought:

“As we have approached the holiday season I have been searching for the ideal tent for those possibly sunny weekends away. After scrolling through what seemed like hundreds of ‘four man dome tents’ I found the tent of all tents. Its unique design caught my eye and I immediately wanted one. The VW Campervan tent is a must have item.

At first glance you see a 1965 VW Campervan – I’m sure you would all agree a thing of beauty – and then the guy ropes give it away. I think that combining this internationally recognised design with the practicality of a tent is really going to put camping back on the map. No more trawling the campsite at night with a torch trying to make out which khaki green dome is yours. The VW Camper van tent comes in a range of colours; I went for flaming red which, as well as being aesthetically pleasing, has really cut down my ‘searching for the tent’ time. This VW tent does exactly what it says on the tin. It looks like a VW Campervan with split screen doors and the unmissable VW badge, but it is without all the troublesome engine maintenance and fuel costs. We attracted a fair few curious campsite neighbours who came to admire our tent; they were pleasantly surprised with what they found inside the VW Campervan exterior.

The best thing about the VW tent for me is the space and ease of assembly. It provides what other tents don’t in that it is a life size replica of the original. This means that, like a 1965 VW Campervan, you can experience the benefit of not shuffling around on your knees for three days. We, like most UK campers, did not have the best weather either, so the fact that we could use the inside of the VW Camper van tent during the day was a fantastic bonus. The added space also made night times considerably better. You would think that four adults in a tent would be a nightmare, but we were surprisingly comfortable. The handy zip up divider allowed us to have privacy from the other couple whilst also giving us the option of using the space as a whole. I can also honestly say that the VW Campervan tent is easy to put up. It contains everything you might need, such as ropes, poles and pegs, plus some simple instructions which you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to follow. The tent was sturdy and watertight with the excellent addition of a sewn in groundsheet. No early morning pools of water to deal with!

As far as transportation goes, the VW Camper van tent fitted easily into our car and left plenty of room for everything else. It was also fairly light considering how big the tent is compared to others I have seen.  When it came to leaving, the VW tent packed away simply without too much huffing and puffing to get it back into the bag. The design meant that we were able to end our weekend away with the least amount of effort.

All in all, the VW Campervan tent has been simply and effectively designed, so that we were able to erect and dismantle it with relative ease. The VW tent is attractive and practical giving you without question the coolest tent on the campsite. We are delighted with our purchase which with its timeless shape will never become boring. Whether you are planning a day out with a picnic or a two week holiday with the family the VW Camper van tent is certainly the one for you.


9 / 10  - Only not 10 as it is not cheap, but then again the best things in life never are!

10/10 0 Being a big VW / Retro fan this design is iconic

10/10 – Despite being a funky shape the tent is fully functional

Final Thought:
Love it! Would also make a very original gift, perfect for that person who is hard to buy for!